Characteristics And Precautions Of Removing Skin Tags

rsksSkin tags have different characteristics all together. One of the major characteristics that apply to all of them is that they grow up to the size of a pea. A skin tag cannot grow beyond this size. If you spot any that grows beyond pea size, is likely to be a different condition. Secondly, skin tags are not painful. Touching them, pressing or squeezing on them should not cause any pain. Painful skin tags should be checked by the doctor to get rid of complications.

Something else that you should note is that skin tags do not have rapid growth. They grow very slowly through the years and sometimes remain to be very small. If you are looking for a solution for a skin tag, you should first consider your skin type. Do you get irritated or experience an allergy when using some solutions. It is important that you know your skin well. Also, you should not use a method that you are not sure about. Your first step should be to learn how to remove skin tags naturally and the requirements for completing the whole process. Ensure that you are using clean equipment especially for the traditional methods of skin tag removal.

Skin Tag Removal Methods

There are several methods on how to remove skin tags. Very large skin tags should be removed surgically by a dermatologist. Freezing and laser methods of skin tag removal can also be done by a doctor at a clinic. Home remedies are cheaper and convenient and can be done at any time. Apple cider is believed to get rid of skin tags when applied daily before bed on skin tags. Surrounding skin must be protected from contact with vinegar by applying Vaseline.  Tying the skin tag with a piece of cotton thread or flossing thread will cut of the blood supply of the tag and it will fall off in the long run.

Other unconventional methods on how to remove skin tags include applying clear nail polish on the skin tag before bed daily until it dries off.  Applying duck tape on skin tags before bed has been tried by several people with varies percentage of success. What may work for one person may not work for another. Natural essential oils and other creams like dermatend in the market today are believed to eradicate skin tags. If you are in doubt how to remove your skin tags, consult a doctor.

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