October 17, 2015

Navigating Racial Issues As A Parent

My parents were as good as they come, giving their three children all the love and trust we needed to build confidence and self-esteem. My father, Joe Lapchick, was a famous player for the Original Celtics, was head coach for St. John’s and later for the Knicks. I was proud of my father’s work and the way he fought racism in sport. He was the first white player to take a center jump against a black man. He signed Nat “Sweetwater” Clifton as the first black player in the NBA.

baskI shared his passion for equality. I chose a profession that let me travel across the country talking to parents and young people about conflict resolution and race relations. The rewards were great, as were the dangers. While teaching at a college in Virginia, I was physically assaulted by two white men, causing liver and kidney damage, a hernia and a concussion. They carved the word “nigger” into my stomach with a pair of scissors.

Our family moved to …

September 30, 2015

Parents And The Taboos Of Touch

In the locker room of my upscale athletic club in Boca Raton, Florida, I was struck one day by two women standing outside the shower. Facing each other and standing close, they were casually conversing while washing their hair — both naked. Nudity with openness and ease is not generally seen in my locker room, where women walk around in towels, sit in the steam room in towels, and wear bathing suits to soak in the Jacuzzi, under a sign reading “Wear proper attire.” The two nude women must be foreign, I thought. They were Finnish.

cool-kidsIn the US, we equate nudity with sexuality and thus view it as forbidden fruit. And like seeds in the wind, we transmit these attitudes to our children. As I undress in the locker room to take a shower, a four year old walks by and glares at me, eyes open wide. “I can see her private parts,” he whispers to his mother. “I can see your ladies’ locker room days are over,” …

September 28, 2015

Should A New Born Baby Snore?

nbbSnoring is an indication of a breathing problem. Newborn babies sleep a lot and should not snore. The sleeping posture of your baby can make them snore. A new born baby should not lie on the stomach as they have not learn how to turn the head to breathe normally. It can lead to suffocation. A cold or flu can make a new baby snore; obtain treatment for your baby as soon as possible.  Snoring pillows should not be used by a new born baby. A baby’s muscles are very delicate and care must be observed when handling the baby. If your baby continues to snore, consult a pediatrician to find out the cause.

A long palate in a new born baby can cause snoring. It may need to be surgically reduced if the problem persists. It is important to monitor your new born baby using baby monitors and establish their sleep pattern as they grow bigger. Snoring pillows should only be used by older children if snoring continues. Air conditioning in the new born baby’s room must be steady for the baby to breathe easily.  If you are anxious about your baby’s sleep patterns, talk to the pediatrician when you take your baby for the required checkups.

Get A Sleep Study Done Why You Snore

A snoring person wakes up tired because they do not get a good night rest. There are many factors that can cause snoring. Snoring pillows are believed to prevent snoring when used as recommended. If every method of preventing snoring is used and a person still snores, a sleep study will establish the cause. Read the rest of this entry »