October 2, 2015

Keeping California Water Clean

During World War II, dewatering of the Penn mine resulted in fish kills that essentially wiped out the salmon in the Mokelumne. As a result, EBMUD was required to maintain a fish hatchery at the dam, but, because there was no requirement that the utility maintain adequate river flows necessary for the fish to survive once they left the hatchery, the kills recurred.

In 1977, major fish kills because of mine wastes in the Camanche reservoir resulted in the issuance of a Cleanup and Abatement Order to New Penn Mines, the owner of the mine. The order was ignored, as were most subsequent orders.

Other attempts to deal with New Penn Mines also failed, and in March 1979, EBMUD, the state Department of Fish and Game (DF&G), and the Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board agreed to a joint cleanup of the mine discharges. They built surface diversion ditches and a series of ponds along Mine Run creek above the point where it drains into the river.

The potential

September 30, 2015

Parents And The Taboos Of Touch

In the locker room of my upscale athletic club in Boca Raton, Florida, I was struck one day by two women standing outside the shower. Facing each other and standing close, they were casually conversing while washing their hair — both naked. Nudity with openness and ease is not generally seen in my locker room, where women walk around in towels, sit in the steam room in towels, and wear bathing suits to soak in the Jacuzzi, under a sign reading “Wear proper attire.” The two nude women must be foreign, I thought. They were Finnish.

cool-kidsIn the US, we equate nudity with sexuality and thus view it as forbidden fruit. And like seeds in the wind, we transmit these attitudes to our children. As I undress in the locker room to take a shower, a four year old walks by and glares at me, eyes open wide. “I can see her private parts,” he whispers to his mother. “I can see your ladies’ locker room days are over,” …

September 28, 2015

Should A New Born Baby Snore?

nbbSnoring is an indication of a breathing problem. Newborn babies sleep a lot and should not snore. The sleeping posture of your baby can make them snore. A new born baby should not lie on the stomach as they have not learn how to turn the head to breathe normally. It can lead to suffocation. A cold or flu can make a new baby snore; obtain treatment for your baby as soon as possible.  Snoring pillows should not be used by a new born baby. A baby’s muscles are very delicate and care must be observed when handling the baby. If your baby continues to snore, consult a pediatrician to find out the cause.

A long palate in a new born baby can cause snoring. It may need to be surgically reduced if the problem persists. It is important to monitor your new born baby using baby monitors and establish their sleep pattern as they grow bigger. Snoring pillows should only be used by older children if snoring continues. Air conditioning in the new born baby’s room must be steady for the baby to breathe easily.  If you are anxious about your baby’s sleep patterns, talk to the pediatrician when you take your baby for the required checkups.

Get A Sleep Study Done Why You Snore

A snoring person wakes up tired because they do not get a good night rest. There are many factors that can cause snoring. Snoring pillows are believed to prevent snoring when used as recommended. If every method of preventing snoring is used and a person still snores, a sleep study will establish the cause. Read the rest of this entry »

September 24, 2015

Controlling Snoring With Stop Snoring Devices

ssdSnoring is not considered a very serious problem because it has become very common. When you have got a mild kind of snoring, you will not feel disturbed during sleep but it will get more and more intense with time. Most of the serious snoring cases can become sleep apnea with time and sleep apnea is a very complex sleeping disorder that can make you suffer a lot. You will never get enough sleep when you have sleep apnea and it is very important that you take care of your snoring as well as sleep apnea as soon as possible.

There are not many natural solutions for snoring but you can get help from stop ‘snoring devices. These devices are very easily available and tend to be very effective as well. Modern devices include CPAP and these devices are equally effective for both snoring and sleep apnea. Diagnosing the actual cause of snoring is very crucial because most of the times people snore due to breathing issues and by controlling those breathing issues, you can control snoring. Cost of these devices is high but when you cannot sleep properly during night then you can always spend few extra dollars to purchase these devices.

Snoring is not taken seriously by most of the people because in start this seems to be just small noise that your nose makes during night. This is not the only thing that you will get with snoring because snoring can turn into a full time disease and it can irritate you a lot during night. You can develop lots of other sleeping disorders like sleep apnea with snoring and it is always wise to deal with snoring problem as soon as possible. In the past people did not know much about solving your snoring problem permanently and that is the reason they kept on living with the problem. This is not the case anymore because there are lots of stop snoring devices that you can use. These devices are made to address the breathing issues that people Read the rest of this entry »

September 21, 2015

Characteristics And Precautions Of Removing Skin Tags

rsksSkin tags have different characteristics all together. One of the major characteristics that apply to all of them is that they grow up to the size of a pea. A skin tag cannot grow beyond this size. If you spot any that grows beyond pea size, is likely to be a different condition. Secondly, skin tags are not painful. Touching them, pressing or squeezing on them should not cause any pain. Painful skin tags should be checked by the doctor to get rid of complications.

Something else that you should note is that skin tags do not have rapid growth. They grow very slowly through the years and sometimes remain to be very small. If you are looking for a solution for a skin tag, you should first consider your skin type. Do you get irritated or experience an allergy when using some solutions. It is important that you know your skin well. Also, you should not use a method that you are not sure about. Your first step should be to learn how to remove skin tags naturally and the requirements for completing the whole process. Ensure that you are using clean equipment especially for the traditional methods of skin tag removal. Read the rest of this entry »

September 18, 2015

Woodworking As A Hobby

After a rigorous day at the office, Bob Pennington dons his epoxy-encrusted T-shirt and makes a beeline for his shed, where he stows the 34-foot twin-engine cabin cruiser he is building. Pennington, a 47-year-old operations manager for a Jackson, Miss. trucking company, has spent every spare minute for the past three years on the boat. For him, it is its own reward.

“When everybody else is in bed, I stand there looking at what I’ve managed to do one stick at a time, and the hair on the back of my neck stands up on end,” he says.

After the frenzied, cash-driven spree of the 1980s, many baby boomers are retreating to the garage for a sense of personal accomplishment. The hours when they roll up their sleeves and restore old automobiles or work with wood provide a special satisfaction. And retailers, noting a growing demand for tools and hardware, have begun pitching their wares to this affluent audience.

Antique car associations report that doctors, lawyers and architects are combing

September 11, 2015

Shopping In Kyoto

Kyoto has always been one of my favorite places to shop for cool stuff. Two shops, Nijusanya and Katsura-Ya, have wonderful handmade combs and hair ornaments carved in Japanese motifs. These are used for arranging traditional hairstyles but a designer might consider framing them in a Plexiglas box for a stunning wall piece. Some shops sell only purses, or only belts, for the local geisha clientele; these, too, would be nice in frames. In the same neighborhood, Isamu Noguchi lanterns can he found at Miura Shomei for reasonable prices.

Yokohama Street had many antiques and curios and nearby on Nawate-dori Kyoto Guin specializes in screens of all kinds. Down on the right many good prints are available on Shin Monzen, “Shopping Street.” On Teramachi is Takana Bamboo Arts, which makes and sells things designed for the tea ceremony, still popular in Kyoto. The dark woven bamboo vases and flower baskets at $45 would look fine in any living room, as would lampshades, banded in bamboo, for about $100. On the

September 6, 2015

My Husband Needs To Get Out!

I have been married for more than 13 years. I know this because: 1. I wear a wedding ring inscribed with the words Love always, John, which serves to remind me that, recurring fantasies aside, I’m not Antonio Banderas’s wife; 2. 1 have in my possession our marriage license, dated November 21, 1983, signed by Circuit Court Clerk Mel Wills, Jr., of Kissimmee, FL; 3. 1 can think of no other logical reason why I would routinely purchase men’s Jockey shorts.

Despite such considerable evidence, many people don’t believe I’m actually married. They argue that a married person, at least on occasion — such as every leap year — should be able to produce a spouse. Which, quite often, I can’t.

The problem is this: When it comes to social activities, such as attending weddings or dinner parties, my husband and I have different attitudes. I absolutely look forward to and thoroughly enjoy them. My husband, on the other hand, is somewhat less enthusiastic to the extent that he’d rather

September 3, 2015

My Period? Who WOULDN’T Want To Talk About It?

We expect our periods to be like considerate guests: arrive on time and leave when expected. Unfortunately, menstruation is not always so predictable. You may get your period a few days early or a few days late, or find that it’s heavier or lighter than usual, or that it suddenly stops, then starts again.

crampinSuch minor changes in menstrual flow are usually nothing to worry about. There are, however, instances in which abnormal periods can indicate something serious. Leading gynecologists explain how to know the difference.

* Your period arrives early or late. Did you travel to a different time zone within the past month? Were you sick? Sleep-deprived? Stressed by a family or work crisis? Did you begin a crash diet or rigorous exercise program? Any of these things can interfere with ovulation, delaying or accelerating menstruation, says Heather Johnson, M.D., an obstetrician-gynecologist a Columbia Hospital for Women in Washington, DC, and medical adviser for the National Women’s Health Resource, Center. “Some women are particularly sensitive to lifestyle stresses,